Monday, July 16, 2012

11 weeks

Earlier this past week I ordered a hand-held fetal doppler off of eBay & got it on Thursday. As soon as I saw that it had arrived, I checked to see if i could here Baby T's heartbeat & after a few minutes of searching, there it was beating away at around 140+ beats per minute :) Such an amazing sound! 

I am glad to have gotten the doppler as it will hopefully provide some reassurance on those days when I am needing to know if everything is still ok - especially after my symptoms go away!

How far along? 11 weeks (baby is just over 1 1/2 inches long & the size of a fig)

Symptoms: The nausea still comes & goes but is tolerable. Around 3pm I hit a brick wall & the exhaustion sets in. Lovin' me some afternoon naps!

Weight gain/loss: Not sure how but I lost 3 lbs this week so I am now 1lb under my starting weight

Maternity clothes? Not yet. Lovin' my knit skirts & dresses though!

Sleep: I sleep pretty good up until around 3am when I need to get up to pee. Still having a lot of trouble falling back to sleep :(

Food cravings : Any kind of "comfort food", still enjoying my BLT's & loving watermelon & grapes. My love for Mexican food is long gone & some days I can't even stomach the thought of it :( Weird, huh?

Movement? no - to early

What I miss? a glass (or two) of red wine

Best moment this week: finding the heartbeat with my own doppler

What I'm looking forward to: Making it out of 1st trimester

Next Appointment: 14 week visit with the OB on August, 6th

Milestones: Baby T is now almost fully formed. The hands will soon open & close into fists, tiny tooth buds are beginning to appear under the gums, some of the bones are beginning to harden & baby is already busy kicking & stretching.


Kelly Jean said...

The doppler was the best thing I've ever purchased. Has reassured me many times. At 24 weeks, I started having some bleeding. If I hadn't of had that doppler, I would have lost my mind. Luckily baby was/is perfectly fine. A great purchase!

Amanda said...

You're absolutely glowing in that picture! =)

Lauren said...

you look beautiful! this is the updates!

Casey // this modern love. said...

Agreed, the doppler was my favorite thing ever.

You are so beautiful and glowing. I am so, so, so happy for you, Heather!!

I can haz babyz? said...

Hooray! Keep updating us with the good news :)

Cori said...

You look so pretty! And thank you for blogging early in the day, it prevented a paranoid bump check text. ;) Still praying friend, and waaaay impressed with your own hand held doppler. Woo hoo!

Carrie said...

Beautiful picture of you! I never got a doppler, but there were days I desperately wished I had. If I am lucky to have another baby, I will definitely get one!

Jessica Juice said...

I have been telling anyone who will listen your story! This amazing miracle of yours has given me so much hope. I look forward to your updates!

Nickie said...

so cute!

Michelle said...

Look at that precious bump!!