Sunday, July 25, 2010

IVF schedule

At my IVF consult I was handed a list of "things to do" for this IVF process & the nurse suggested I make a calendar to help remember all the appointments. Being the OCD person I am, I was already 1 step ahead of her & had my blank calendar with me at the appointment :)

She also suggested I not share this process with too many "acquaintances" - like casual friends, co-workers, etc just so that I don't get bombarded with constant questions which can add stress to the whole process.

The only people I am telling are my supervisor at work - since he is the one clearing me for all my appointments, my sister - because I tell her everything, my BFF Jill - as I was her confidant when she was going through this same process, & my neighbor Julie (who doesn't know it yet, but is going to help me with my progesterone shots since they are IM). She is a labor/delivery nurse & has offered to be my "doula" if I end up delivering also. I wonder if she would want to be my postpartum doula afterwards?! :) And of course those of you who read my blog which is only limited to my sister, Jill, Julie, my girlfriend Desiree & Jen (who are both going through IF issues) & those of you on

So, here is my "calendar of events" for the month of July & August so that you all are "in the know" :)
7/23 - Fri: CD 2 US, bloodwork (Estradiol, HIV, Hep B & C, RPR serology)

7/26 - Mon: Hubby gets bloodwork drawn for same as above (minus the Estradiol)

7/26 - Mon: start birth control pills & 81 mg baby ASA daily

8/4 - Wed: 8:15am appt for saline hysterosonogram w/trial embryo transfer & drop off for semen analysis to test for ICSI - 1:00 pm - couples' appt to go over & sign consents/class to educate on giving injections

8/7 - Sat: start Lupron injections - 10 units every evening

8/10 - Tue: last day of BCP - continue daily baby aspirin 81 mg

8/13 - Fri: 730am baseline US & bloodwork

8/15 - Sun: Start Bravelle injections & decrease Lupron to 3 units daily, continue baby aspirin

8/16 - Mon: Happy Birthday to me :)

8/19 - Thur: 730am US & bloodwork - start Menopur injections

8/22 - Sun: 8am US & bloodwork

8/24 - Tues: 730am US & bloodwork

*depending on what this last appt shows, I will be triggering at anytime with the Ovidrel injection & the egg retrieval will be 36 hours after the Ovidrel is given. I will take a dose of Azithromycin with the Ovidrel. They will then do the embryo transfer 5 days later & then I will be on Progesterone for 14 days. After the long 2 week wait, they will do a blood draw to determine if I am pregnant or not.

Can you see now why I needed an IVF calendar?!? :)

Incase you are wondering, here is an explanation of all the meds & why I have to take them:

birth control pills - suppress ovaries prior to stimulation

baby aspirin - believed to help with implantation

Lupron injection - suppress the pituitary & prevent premature release of the eggs

Follistim injection - stimulates the ovary to grow follicles which contain an egg

Menopur injection - helps stimulate ovaries along with the Follistim

Ovidrel injection - triggers the follicles mature & release the egg

Azithromycin - reduces the risk of infection from the egg retrieval

Progesterone - helps prepare the uterus for implantation

That is all the info I got thus far. It is a bit overwhelming & I hope I can keep up with all the medications!? Wish us luck as we start this crazy journey & say a prayer for us that the end result is positive :)

Thanks for following....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

IVF consult

So today I had my IVF consult with my RE & it went really well. Once I got all my questions answered, I got the go-ahead to start the IVF process this cycle. We went over the cost of everything & I was pleasantly surprised to find out it wasn't going to cost as much as I thought. This is partly due to insurance covering my "monitoring" visits which helps out ALOT!

So, on Friday I have my CD3 bloodwork & US to make sure my estrogen levels are low & that I don't have any cysts on the ovaries. On CD5, (Monday) I will start birth control pills & take them for 3 weeks to suppress my ovaries. During that time, I have to have some more labwork drawn as does Shane as well as have another saline sonohysterogram done - fun fun! It is strange to think I am going back on BCP as I have been off of them for almost 4 years now?!

So that is where we are at. More to come later as we begin this IVF journey...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

IUI #5 - fail

The 2 week wait has finally come to an end. So this morning I gear up for the monthly POAS-ceremony & I get another negative test :( I'm not suprised. In a way I am sad & disappointed & frustrated that 20 million sperm can not manage to fertilize the eggs in my 5 mature follicles but I am also excited....excited to be done with injectables & moving forward with the IVF process.

I have my appointment tomorrow with my RE to discuss the IVF option & all it entails. Sounds like I won't have to take any time off & we can go ahead & proceed with the IVF this cycle - whenever AF decides to show up, which according to the calendar should be Thursday!? Will know a lot more after the appointment tomorrow so I will post again when I know more.

Thanks to you all for your continued support, thoughts & prayers! I appreciate them all!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Last IUI complete

So today was insemination day. This is the last "try" we are attempting with injectables & IUI. If this doesn't work we are moving on - wherever this journey takes us! All went well & now the 2ww wait begins - along with the Crotch Care 101 that comes with taking the Prometrium twice a day ;)

Hoping this is thee last time I have to do any of this. Please cross your fingers, toes & anything else you can cross for me! Prayers couldn't hurt either!?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

CD12 update

Went in at 7:30am for US & b/w - so much for sleeping in this morning :(

US showed all 9 follicles have grown & I am definitely feeling it! I have 2 that are 19mm, 2 at 17mm & the rest were 13-16mm. The 19 & 17mm follicles are ready to trigger so the RE went over all the risks & chances of multiples by having that many follicles. After giving it some thought & with my track record these last few months, I decided to go ahead & proceed with the IUI. So I will trigger tonight with the Ovidrel shot & plan on doing the IUI Tuesday afternoon!

Everybody say a prayer...

Friday, July 2, 2010


Looks like I have over-stimulated myself :(

Had my CD10 US & b/w today & I have 9 follicles all measuring 12-13mm. The NP said "we need to be extremely careful with you this cycle" so I am a little concerned. All 9 follicles could reach "mature" levels by ovulation & if I were to trigger with all those follicles I could end up being the next Octomom!

So the RE told me to decrease my Follistim from 125iu to 100iu & come back Sunday morning for another US to see where I am at. May have to cancel the IUI if there are too many mature follicles which would pretty much suck since this is my last month of injections as well as all the $$$ I spent on injectables this round for nothing :(

So we will see what happens Sunday! Ugh - IF is so frustrating!