Monday, August 6, 2012

14 weeks

Goodbye 1st trimester....HELLO 2nd trimester :)

I went to see my OB this afternoon for my 14 week checkup. She did the usual - checked my urine for glucose which there was none & my blood pressure which was low so all checked out ok. She said my weight was right where it should be so that is good. I got to hear the heartbeat also which was ticking away at 148 bpm. I will never get tired of that sound!! She also gave me the "go-ahead" to resume "intimate relations" with the hubby so I know he will be one happy camper when hears this :)

So, all in all things are going really well & I have no complaints. And without further ado, here is the update I know a few of you have been anxiously awaiting...

*I didn't have time to take my usual pic this week but this is from Saturday evening which shows my "baby bump" pretty good. I went with my friend Jilly to the J-Lo/Enrique concert & it was a fabulous time!

How far along? 14 weeks (baby is 3 1/2 inches long & the size of a lemon)

Symptoms: The nausea is gone & my energy is back! Woo hoo - glad to finally be feeling back to myself. However, I'm not really crazy about these DD's I am carrying around ;)

Weight gain/loss: +2 lbs (for a total of 5 lbs gained)

Maternity clothes? not yet. I did however buy my first maternity t-shirt at Kohl's this weekend but it is still a little too big to wear yet. My sister also sent me some maternity tops for the fall, a pair of jeans & a pair of shorts to wear which all fit pretty good. I also went through my closet & pulled out what clothes I could wear as "maternity" clothes (tunic tops, sweaters, leggings, etc) & mix/matched some outfits for the fall. I was surprised at how many outfits I actually do have in my own closet that will work!

Sleep: no problems other than still waking up to pee at 4am & not being able to fall back asleep. Will this ever end??

Food cravings/aversions: now that I am feeling better, I am trying to eat less of the "comfort" foods & add healthier items into my diet. Still can't give up my potatoes though!!

Movement? none yet

What I miss? honestly?? my "C" cup boobs - lol :)

Best moment(s) this week: seeing my girlfriend Desiree & leaving behind the 1st trimester

What I'm looking forward to: feeling the baby move

Next Appointment: August 23rd- AFP (alpha-fetoprotein) blood draw to see if the baby has a neural tube defect such as spina bifida or anencephaly.

Milestones: Baby T can now squint, frown, grimace, pee, & suck his/her thumb! Facial muscles are getting a workout as the tiny features form one expression after another. The kidneys are producing urine, which is released into the amniotic fluid around him/her. An ultra-fine, downy covering of hair, called lanugo, is starting to develop all over his/her body. The liver starts making bile this week & the spleen starts helping in the production of red blood cells.


Amanda said...

Helllllooooooooo 2nd trimester!!!! =) Congratulations, Momma! You're just cruising right along. Does everyone in real life know now? You wear pregnancy so well; is that baby bump giving you away yet?

Desiree said...

Yay 2nd trimester!!!

You look freakin' GORGEOUS in that picture! Everything about everything is so flattering on you! You're totally going to be one of those amazingly cute pregnant women and I can't wait!!! :-)

Nickie said...


Unknown said...

Found you through a blog - I think Kelly's Corner.
Can I just say you are a Beautiful pregnant lady!!
So happy for you and all that you have been through.

Lauren said...

I love your bump! You look amazing!