Monday, August 13, 2012

15 weeks

How far along? 15 weeks (baby is 4 inches long & the size of an apple)

Symptoms: Feeling pretty good. Experiencing more frequent heartburn but that is really it as far as symptoms go.

Weight gain/loss: 0 lbs (still a total of 5 lbs gained)

Maternity clothes? not yet. Just using what I already have in my closest which seems to be working out so far. I did order a few things for fall that were on sale at Motherhood Maternity yesterday so looking forward to getting those in the mail.

Sleep: still sleeping pretty good. I ordered a Snoogle mini body pillow to help me not roll onto my back (which I do all the time) so that should arrive early this week. Hoping it works!

Food cravings/aversions: not really "craving" anything. Still steering clear from coffee & Mexican food & still have a weakness for potatoes - especially mashed!

Movement? This week I noticed that when I am laying on my back at night, I think I can feel Baby T moving. I can sometimes feel little flutters above my pubic bone so I am thinking this is baby? Or maybe it is gas...who knows??

What I miss? an ice cold beer & reading on the patio. It has been way too hot here to enjoy doing anything outside.

Best moment(s) this week: pre-birthday celebratory dinner with my girlfriends & a surprise appearance by my bestie Deanna who lives in Austin, TX :)
What I'm looking forward to: celebrating my 40th birthday this week - all kinds of social gatherings planned for the week :)

Next Appointment: August 23rd- AFP (alpha-fetoprotein) blood draw to see if the baby has a neural tube defect such as spina bifida or anencephaly.

Milestones: Baby T is busy moving amniotic fluid through the nose & upper respiratory tract, which helps the primitive air sacs in the lungs begin to develop. The legs are growing longer than the arms now, & baby can move all of his/her joints & limbs. Although the eyelids are still fused shut, baby can sense light & the taste buds are being formed. If I were to have an ultrasound this week, we would be able to find out whether the baby's a boy or a girl! Unfortunately, that US isn't for another 5 weeks :(


Lydia said...

So glad everything is going well for you. Enjoy the second trimester.

Michelle said...

Love that everything is going so well!

Nickie said...

looking great!