Sunday, November 14, 2010

CD1 :(

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Well, so much for wishful thinking. AF decided to show today - CD 31 like clockwork :( I hate how she is always on time. And with that said, another new cycle begins.

In other news, I have been doing lots of research on other fertility clinics here in the area. I decided to get a second opinion regarding our next cycle of IVF not because I am unhappy with our present RE, but mainly to see what this other clinic has to offer financially as well as treatment recommendations. Also to see if there is anything that might be done differently with us as well as see their success rates with other patients in my age group.

I called the Reproductive Resource Center & after filling out tons of paperwork, we have an appointment scheduled for Dec 15th. They warned us that this appointment will be 3 hours long & while there Shane will have to do a semen analysis & I will be getting a pelvic exam. Talk about getting right down to business!?! These people don't mess around! It makes me feel good that they are being so thorough during our first appointment.

So that is something to look forward to - I guess.


LCSween said...

That second opinion sounds great! I'm excited to see how it goes and will be here before you know it :)

Dandle Dreams said...

Sorry that your horrid Aunt came to stay again this month.

Hopefully you will get some new answers and opinions from your second clinic. The IVF success rate varies so much from place to place, it's important to find a good one.