Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Sorry I have been MIA these past couple of weeks. I guess when you are on a TTC break there isn't much to post about on an "infertility" blog!? I also have a personal blog that I post on quite often so if anyone is interested in learning about the "non-fertility" part of my life you can read about it HERE.

The past 2 weeks have been crazy so I guess that is why time has flown by & I haven't posted anything on here since Nov 14th!? In those 2 weeks, I have been working alot of extra OT, taking alot of extra call, preparing the house for the Thanksgiving guests, cooking the T-giving meal, entertaining guests, putting fall decor away & putting up the Christmas decor - I am getting exhausted just talking about it all!

All the guests left Saturday morning & once I finally got a chance to sit down & relax (which was Sunday) I felt the all too familiar pain in my left & right side. Could it be? Why yes - it is ovulation time - already! I guess it has been 2 weeks since AF showed up!? So I grabbed my daily planner & counted out the days. Yep - CD 14 was here & I had all the signs: watery CM, left/right sided pain, bloated & the biggest sign of all: Predictable - I know my body well!

So we gave it another good ol' fashioned try & will hope for the best. I am expecting AF around the time of our 2nd opinion consultation (Dec 15th) so we will see whether she shows or not. I hope to be pleasantly surprised!

Speaking of surprises - I had kind of a crazy, weird, emotional infertility kind of day. When I first got to work, a co-worker of mine who is my age (38 yo) & has struggled for awhile now to get PG told me she is 6 weeks pregnant. After lunch I ran into another co-worker of mine who looked upset so I asked if she was ok & she bust into tears. She shared with me that she had found out last week she was pregnant & received a phone call from the doctors office saying her beta was not doubling & her progesterone was extremely low. They told her that she would probably miscarry this week. It was her 2nd m/c in the last 5 months. My heart broke for her as she confided in me & I could relate to exactly how she felt :( I hugged her, shared my experiences with her & we had a heart to heart talk. It really made me feel good to be able to help someone else who was going through what I have unfortunately been through not once but twice.

Later this evening, I get home, make dinner, sit down to eat & browse through the blogs I follow. I see one inparticular from Dandle Dreams & I was looking forward to opening it since she hadn't posted inawhile.

Now I have never met Dandle nor do I know her name. I don't even know what she looks like or where she lives. I only know her because we had both gone through our 1st IVF around the same time together. We both got our BFN results around the same time also. We have been supporting each other through the ups & downs of this unfortunate journey via our blogs & I have been thankful for her support along with the rest of these lovely group of ladies I follow & whom follow me. I like to think of them as the "Ya Ya Sisterhood of Infertility" & I hate that we all know of one another only because of our inability to have children :(

We both have IVF #2 tentatively scheduled to begin in January so I was looking forward to having another cycle buddy to go through this craziness with - that is until today. Today I read Dandle's post titled "Unbelievable" & it seems Miss Thang gone & got pregnant on her own. Au naturale. No ART involved. Even with a partly blocked fallopian tube & thin uterine lining. A-mah-zing! And you know what? I am thrilled for her & couldn't be any happier!

I love hearing success stories like this. Especially to those who are so deserving. It's these kind of positive outcomes from a journey that has been so long that restores my hope that moments like this weekend could possibly work out for us. Dandle is proof that it can happen & I am SO very excited for her.

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Dandle Dreams said...

Awww. Thank-you so much. I'm still in a bit of shock about it all, actually. It still hasn't sunk in that it might be my turn now.

I have been enjoying reading your other blog, and very impressed by how much you manage to achieve.

Your poor co-worker. I know what it's like to get such horrible news at work and have to make it through the day. She is lucky to have someone like you to give her support and understanding.