Monday, December 20, 2010

Ready, set, go...

It hasn't even been a week since my 2nd opinion visit with a new RE & I am WAY impressed already. These people mean business & don't mess around which is making me feel really optimistic for our upcoming IVF cycle.

In just 5 days, I have had 4 emails sent to me by my RE's Nurse Practitioner re: upcoming labwork, appts & what is planned for our next IVF. Today I went & had my CD 4 labwork drawn for FSH, Estradiol & AMH which showed FSH: 9.4 (8 or less is normal, 9-11 fair) & Estradiol: 20 (50 or less is normal). We are awaiting the AMH results which should be in by Thursday. My RE would like to see that result greater than 1.5 so I am crossing my fingers it comes back where she wants it. My entire IVF protocol is based around that result so I am hoping it is good.

Today I received via email a tentative IVF calendar for our next cycle (depending on AMH results), was scheduled for an HSG test (which I'm not sure how I have gotten this far in the game without one?!) & was given a list of what OTC meds I need to start taking now (prenatal/multi-vitamin, DHEA). She also told me to start taking Estradiol today so I stopped by the pharmacy to pick up my prescription. So - I guess our IVF cycle is getting underway.

I was also told today that my RE wants to do an "estrogen priming protocol" before I start suppression meds - hence starting the Estradiol today. She said taking the extra estrogen helps make sure that all of my hormone receptors are "awake & ready" to respond to the stimulation medication when it is time which she said might help them get more eggs!?

All I know is that I have to take it for 6 weeks, will take Provera for 1 week during the last week of Estradiol & then I start BCP/Lupron for 2 weeks so we are looking at mid-March for stims & end of March for egg retrieval/transfer. It seems so far away but I'm sure the time will go by quickly! It is kind of a bummer I have to take the estrogen for so long before we get started but if it helps us get more eggs than I can wait!

Here. We. Go.


Nickie said...

YEAHHHHHH! That sounds very promising. They are takin' care of business. Fingers and toes are tightly crossed!

Desiree said...

How encouraging! It sounds like this clinic is being super aggressive and I'm excited for you! March is going to be here before you know it and I'm crossing everything I can that this one will be a success!