Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Just got the lab results of my 13 vials of blood they drew on me last week - aka: auto-immune & RPL panel.


Every single one of them was within normal limits.

As relieved as I am to not have a clotting disorder, diabetes, lupus, thyroid issues or any other auto-immune or clotting problems, I am disappointed that there wasn't something definite found to explain WHY I can't get pregnant :(

Turns out I'm about as normal as you can get & so the diagnosis stays the same - crappy eggs + crappy reserve = crappy cycle. So we will see what Dr. B says about the results & see if she still wants to put me on heparin or Lovenox come transfer time!? At this point, what do we have to lose???


Michelle said...

I hated getting "normal" results! I want a freakin reason why my body doesn't work!! Sorry you didn't get more answers :/ I'm still pulling for this lucky FET!!

LCSween said...

I'm rooting for you :)

Scubagirl said...