Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just as I thought...

So I POAS this morning & was not suprised to see a stark white stick staring back at me :(

Not sure how many more "slap in the face" moments like these I can take. I wasn't even the least bit excited this morning to test. In fact, I woke up dreading it because deep down I knew what the result would be but I went throught the motions anyway. It is really starting to wear on both me & my husband!

I said I would give the injections a 6 month try but after just 2 months I am not so sure anymore. I am starting to think we should just accept this fate of ours & move on. I am going to talk with my RE during my CD3 visit & see what his thoughts are. Pretty sure he will suggest moving on to IVF but I just can't grasp paying $13,000 out of pocket for something that only gives us a 50% chance of working?!

Decisions, decisions....

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Desiree said...

Damn, I'm sorry. :-( That just plain ol sucks. Out loud.

I'm praying for you and you've got a big fat martini (or whatever you drink) coming to you when I see you in KC.