Saturday, May 8, 2010

Plan B

So I had my CD10 US this morning & on the left ovary was a 19mm & 16mm follicle. Nothing on the right ovary. The nurse said I was "ready" & could trigger tonight & do the IUI on Monday morning but unfortunately the hubby isn't going to be around Monday morning so we had to move to Plan B.

I was told to take Ganirelix which is an injection that is given to control & suppress ovulation. Then do one more shot of Follistim tonight, Ovidrel shot tomorrow night to trigger ovulation & IUI on Tuesday morning. So after my appt I went to Walgreens & picked up yet another expensive dose of medication & proceeded to inject myself in the belly. This one hurt & stung like a mutha...

Shane started a new job less than a year ago & they have been a real pain about him coming in late for these kinds of appts or taking any time off. So if they end up hassling him about Tuesday morning then we are just going to leave this round up to good ol' fashioned timed intercourse rather than scientifically done.

Stay tuned...

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