Saturday, January 22, 2011


I've been taking the DHEA supplements for 3 weeks now & have been lucky enough to NOT be experiencing the acne, the hair growth on the face or the irritability.

Unfortunately, I have been experiencing the hair loss & LOTS of it. I have to take this supplement until mid March & at this rate, I may be bald by then. I don't notice much "shedding" during the day but when I go to wash my hair & comb through it when wet I have a huge clump of lost hair. I go in for a haircut in a couple of weeks so I'll be curious to know if my stylist notices my hair is thinner!?

The positive side of taking this pill is I have experienced an increase in my metabolism & have lost 4 lbs. I don't feel any hungrier than usual which is good but I do feel like I have alot more energy. I also feel more alert & sharper mentally. It's almost like a feel good "high" all day long - if that makes any sense?!

Now I'm just waiting for the increased libido & smoother skin to kick in :)


LCSween said...

Pass that stuff over here...that "feel good" high sounds amazing!!

Sorry that you're losing your hair though. That happened to me until I got my thyroid in control and I would have to say the most annoying part was cleaning out the shower.

I still have great vibes for this cycle for you :)

Dandle Dreams said...

I think this is going to be a great cycle for you. Maybe you're also growing your hair faster, as well as shedding it faster, so it all eavens out?