Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year

Goodbye 2010 - I am glad to be putting you behind me. In my IF world, you have been nothing but a year full of uncomfortable monitoring appointments, painful hormone shots, agonizing 2 week wait's, depressing CD1's, & way too many disappointing BFN's. Today on the first day of a new year, I have decided to let it all go. I am letting go of the dream, letting go of the monthly disappointments, letting go of the outcome of our 1st failed IVF & letting go of the last four years of pain, grief, & hope.

With every new year comes personal resolutions & this year I have made up a few of my own:

1) I am going to try to do everything in my power to make my life about other things in 2011 other than being infertile.

2) I promise that infertility will not be my focus - whatever the year brings. It will not consume me as I have let it done this past year.

3) We will do one more IVF cycle & if that fails us & we have no embryos to freeze, then we will be done. We will let go of the dream forever, we will accept it & we will move on.

This IF journey is a tough one - for everyone involved - but for some reason "hope" keeps us moving forward to the next month & all the possibilities it has to offer. I am very excited about 2011 & what it will bring for us. We have a new RE, a new plan, a new protocol & new hope. If IVF #2 works out for us, we will have a "reminder" by the end of the year just how wonderful 2011 was :)

So, my wish for you all that read this blog are many blessings in the new year & nothing but peace, happiness & BFP's to all my friends who are going through IF.

May 2011 be the year that all our hopes & wishes finally do come true!

Hugs to you all,
HT - xoxo

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LCSween said...

see you never, 2010...2011 is your year!!