Monday, January 31, 2011


So today I called & scheduled a consult with an Acupuncturist. I have an appointment on the morning of Feb 8th & depending on what they say, I would like to do acupuncture once a week up until the egg retrieval & then one last session right before the embryo transfer.

I'm really looking forward to the consult appointment, seeing how it all works & how it can help me with relaxation during our IVF cycle.
To learn more about acupuncture & infertility click here. This was a very helpful site for me so I hope you can learn from it also!


Amanda said...

I think this is a great idea! I added acupuncture to the mix my last cycle (which was ivf#2 and transfer #5). Who knows exactly what got me to where I am today, but I know it certainly can not hurt.

LCSween said...

Acupuncture totally helped me relax during both my IVF and FET cycles. You will love it :)

Cori said...

I say go for it! I did meditation before & during my IVF procedures. I ordered the info from a physician named Dr. Alice Domar. She wrote Conquering Infertility. I think they helped. If I hadn't been in rural Kansas at the time, I would have tried Acupuncture, too.