Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The goal of acupuncture: to restore the balance of the individual's Chi which promotes effective communication between the brain and the other organs.

Today I had my 1st acupuncture appointment. Um, can you say r...e...l...a...x...i...n...g!

The appointment started off by first having a consult. I was greeted by the Acupuncturist & after we sat down she took a history, asked alot of health questions, talked a bit about her background, where acupuncture came from, what it does, etc & went over my questions & what I was there for. We talked in great detail about the infertility, the miscarriages, the failed IVF & the plan for this next IVF. She said she would like to do acupuncture every week up until egg retrieval & then a treatment the day of transfer. She also encouraged me to get treatments weekly through my 1st trimester if I do end up pregnant. As nervous & stressed out that I know I am going to be if IVF does work for us then I am definitely going to need it. She then told me that she knows how expensive IVF was & that she would work with me on negotiating price of treatments. I thought that was awful nice of her seeing how this is all OOP!

After all the small-talk was done then it was go time. I was instructed to take my socks/shoes off, pull my pants up to my knees & lay on the table.

*cue soothing music, eucalyptus smell & dim lights*

By this point I am already relaxed. Before we got started she checked my pulse in both wrists & looked at my tongue. Why? Read here. She then showed me the needles & explained everything as she was inserting them & I was amazed that I could hardly feel them. First she put them on the top of my feet, around my ankles, then upper leg, then my hands, one in my scalp, one in my forehead & one needle in each upper part of my ear. She said she was going to leave me for about 30 minutes & I was to lay there & relax. Before she left she applied a heat lamp to my feet...heavenly!

As I layed there, I closed my eyes, took slow, deep breaths, listened to the soothing music & felt utterly & totally relaxed. It was awesome! As I lay there, it seemed that my legs felt really heavy as my upper body felt really light - weird sensation - but a relaxing one. After my 30 min were up, she came back in, removed the needles & I was on my way. I loved the experience so much that I purchased a package of treatments. They offer "buy 6 get the 7th free" so I indulged. I figure if I work one hour later one night a week then it will pay for my acupuncture. Rationalization - that is how I roll :)

So all my acupuncture appointments are scheduled for Tuesday mornings up until the egg retrieval. I am SO looking forward to this weekly relaxing session & am hoping it provides calming, balancing, positive vibes! I highly recommend it to anyone who is feeling the stress that IF can bring!


LCSween said...

So happy you went and love acupuncture! Isn't it just the best!? It will only get better and you will look forward to each session. Your experience sounds just like mine ;)

happy relaxing!

Anonymous said...

You will love it, I know I did. I also got BFP's from my 2 cycles of acupuncture. Lay down, relax and enjoy.

Cori said...

Wow. This sounds like a good thing. The nerves are the worst part of this whole experience, and anything to help with that is a good thing. I am praying so hard for you, and I have a good feeling about this. Keep the faith.