Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cut & 'Lights

So I went to my hair appointment today & didn't mention a word to my stylist about my hair loss just to see if she would notice & guess what? She definitely noticed. My hair stylist Emily is also a very good friend of mine & I have been going to her for 10 years now. Tonight she started with the highlights & as she was putting the foils in my hair she asked me if I have been noticing any shedding or if I noticed I was losing hair more than usual? I asked her why & she said my hair looks & feels thinner. Not much gets past this girl!

So I told her about the DHEA supplement I am taking & the hair loss I was experiencing & she says she sees women all the time on hormone replacements & medication where hair loss is one of the side effects. She assured me I wouldn't go bald nor would I have patchy spots on my head. She did say my hair will look & feel thinned out but I will still have plenty of it & as soon as I stop the medication & it leaves my system the hair will grow back.

Wow - I feel SO much better hearing her say that. She also told me a few tricks to help with the hair loss like shampooing every other day, rinsing with cold water to seal the follicles, using a detangler & a wide tooth comb when it is wet, & to not use my flat iron. So I will give these a try & see if that helps. I am willing to try anything a this point!

Nothing like getting your hair done-did with a brow wax thrown in to boost one's spirits :)


Michelle said...

ooo..a good cut and brow wax certainly does make me feel better! Glad she gave you some tricks to hep and that you're not going to go bald!! ;)

Desiree said...

Beauty treatments have the power to heal the world! All is right with the world when my brows are looking good! :-)