Thursday, July 21, 2011

Calendar for FET #2

YAY - I got my calendar today for FET #2. I am so glad that my RE's office is quick to get back to me & doesn't mess around :)

So here is the timeline:

7/21 - start BCP
8/11: start Lupron injections
8/16: last BCP & continue Lupron
8/23: suppression check
8/25: start Estrogen patches
9/5: uterine lining check
9/6: last Lupron injection & begin Progesterone
9/12: embryo transfer day
9/20: pregnancy test

Here. We. Go. Again.


Lisa said...

So glad your able to get started again! Excited for you! Deep breathes...

LCSween said...

well that was fast!! let's get this thing started!

Nickie said...

praying for you every step of the way.

Dandle Dreams said...

Fingers crossed for FET 2. Hope the suppression is going well without too many nasty headaches.