Friday, June 22, 2012


I have had lots of texts & emails asking how I have been doing/feeling so thought I would update y'all :) Thank you so much for caring enough to check in on me!!

The most common question I have been asked is how I am feeling.

Well, so far so good. I am 7w4d today & have all the normal symptoms of being pregnant: sore boobs (especially my nipples - which is weird), desperately needing a nap by late afternoon & nauseated. Not just in the morning but ALL day, every single day. I spend my days looking forward to 930pm when I can crawl into bed & not have nausea for 8 hours! Oh & I CRAVE carbs! Can't get enough of them!!

I was learning to just deal with the nausea & manage the unpleasantness of it at work (trying to keep anyone from knowing) but my sister told me there was no need to suffer & feel miserable & to call my Dr for some Zofran. I agreed with her & made the call. The nurse called me in the prescription for Zofran that afternoon & by 530pm the first dose was down. By the time I got home I was already feeling better. I took another dose the next morning & my nausea was SO much better. Not 100% gone but very manageable & I have felt pretty good these past few days. Zofran is a Godsend!!

While the nurse had me on the phone, she also told me that my OB wants me to have another US next Friday just to be sure that everything is going ok given my history. So I will go in at 9am next Friday where I will be 8w4d. This is how far I got in my last pregnancy so I know I will be a nervous wreck. 

As I mentioned before, I have access at work to an US machine that we use in the cardiac cath lab - score for HT :) So I think I will be doing an US on myself the day before just to verify that things either are or aren't ok.

With that said, before I left work today I decided to do a "HB check" just to make sure all was good & this is what I saw:

Now I know it isn't the best US you ever did see & the first video may or may not even be sideways but let me tell you, it was quite difficult sneaking into a closet with an US machine, while using my right hand to press the wand into my abdomen & use my left hand to record the image with my cell phone. 

But never mind that mental image. If you look closely, you will see the heart beating away - looks like a little cursor blinking. I counted it for 15 sec which was 38 blinks & multiplied it by 4 to get the heartbeat so it looks like it is around 152 bpm which is within the norm. 

Absolutely amazing! I just love that I have the ability to check for a HB whenever I want to help ease my fears when they arise.

We still haven't told our parents, co-workers & a majority of our friends don't know. I have only told a few "select" friends & plan on keeping it that way until we have our 12 week US - if we are so lucky. I am debating telling our parents after the US on Friday as I will be seeing them next weekend & would be fun to tell them in person. We will see though.

So for today, I am good & so very thankful. I will update again next week...unless something happens before then. Thank you again for all the warm thoughts, prayers & for checking in! I wish I could hug you all!!


Kelly Jean said...

So glad Zofran is working for you! TMI but it made me TERRIBLY constipated. So uncomfortable. So I didn't take it. If this happens, add in some fiber/stool softener. Or switch to Vitamin B6 - 50mg. Just wish someone would have told me that!

Heather said...

Thanks Kelly Jean for the info! Actually my OB prescribed some Colace with the Zofran & told me to take Mirilax everyday also to help with the constipation. So far so good :)

Amanda said...

I'm just over the moon happy for you! =) Thanks for the update!!!

Anna said...

I loved watching that flicker!!! Gives me goosebumps! :)

Elisabeth said...

Hi Heather, Praying for your sweet baby :) Our journeys are so very similar. We haven't had the chance to do IVF, but thanks to metformin I've also been pregnant twice and have lost them in the second tri (I am one of those 1% and what happened to me was very rare so don't let it worry you)

I'm so glad you have an awesome doctor! That makes a world of difference when having a baby.

Ian said...

You and I are too similar...LOL. When I was pg with Aidan I worked ER and I would sneak into the bathroom with the doppler and NOT leave until I found the HB. :) And Zofran kept me from getting fired while pg with Cooper. I adored that stuff. Used it for almost two trimesters.
Praying for you every day my friend. Keep me posted.

Ian said...

And that is not IAN, it is Cori, but IAN always seems to be signed in to Google. :-)

The Splan Clan said...

I am new to your blog from Kelly's Korner! I am praying with you and anxioulsy awaiting each new post! Im so glad all is going well so far!

Nickie said...


Michelle said...

so glad all is well!! Keeping your apt in my prayers!

Desiree said...

Also, drink more water than you've ever drank in your life. Constipation is no joke and drinking gallons of water was the only thing that saved me!

Also, HFS!!!!! So so so happy for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

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