Monday, June 11, 2012

Epilogue...part 2

First off, thank you ALL for your sweet, wonderful comments you left on my last post. (((HUGS))) to each & every one of you :)

So upon seeing that 2nd line pop up, I did what any crazy infertile woman does. I ran out the next day & bought another box of pregnancy tests & pee'd on them for the next 3 days to see if the "line" was getting darker & holy hell, it was. I also had a bunch of leftover meds from my last FET cycle so I immediately started taking baby ASA, doing my daily Lovenox injections, one progesterone suppository at night, additional folic acid & my prescription prenatal vitamins. Just in case... 

A couple of days later, I made an appointment with my favorite OB/GYN & was sad when the scheduler told me at the end of the year she would no longer be practicing Obstetrics but will be focusing on research instead - boo :( I went ahead & saw her this past Friday & she was SO happy to be seeing me for a "prenatal" visit. Unfortunately, I am now going to have to find a new OB to go to which is a bummer.

At my appointment she did the usual...pelvic exam, went over all the "do's & don'ts", did a urine test & got my labs drawn. We went over all my meds & she said to stay on everything until further notice. I also mentioned that I had been having right sided ovarian pain & she immediately ordered an US to be done before I left to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. I was so relieved because in the back of my mind I was a bit worried about that & with all I have been through it would just be nice to know there was an embryo growing in the right place.

So the US showed this:
One gestational sac & yolk sac growing in the correct spot (the little black circle above the Baby "T") along with a 3mm cyst on my right ovary which is the cause of my pain. 


I am to return this Friday for another scan to check for a HB & my Dr. said she wants me to have an US every single week until I am 12 weeks due to my history, for peace of mind & that it will cause me less stress knowing every week that everything is or isn't ok. Have I mentioned that I LOVE my OB???

So for today, I am 6w0d. I'm still not sure what to think about all of this & can't help but feel that it will all be over any day now. I think of how this little blessing is truly a miracle & that there has to be a reason I got pregnant naturally. I also think that God can't possibly allow me the loss of another little one & in that next second I am thinking "or can he?"

Only time will tell & for now...I am taking it one second, one minute, one hour, one day at a time.

So if this all works out, Baby "T" will be due around Feb 4th, 2013.


Amanda said...

Baby T is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing the picture of your little miracle!!!

Lydia said...

Hello Baby T. Stick and flourish and grow. I've got my fingers crossed, I know how much you want this.

Kelly Jean said...

Beautiful little Baby T! Congrats again!!!!!! Sending positive, wonderful, happy, sticky thoughts your way!!

Lauren said...

ahhh!!!!! So happy for you, Heather!

relaxednomore said...

Congratulations! This is simply awesome!
It's so wonderful to know that miracles like yours do happen :-)
The best of luck for you - for a happy and healthy pregnancy and your little miracle baby to come out safe and sound at full term.
And your doc does sound awesome!

suhair said...

so happy heather :)))))

Michelle said...

AMAZING NEWS!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! So incredibly happy!!