Friday, September 14, 2012

HB @ 19w5d

One week from today we will have our Level II ultrasound & will finally be able to see if we are Team Pink or Blue. I am getting so very excited to see Baby T again & see how much he/she has grown since our 12 week ultrasound.

Unfortunately, I can honestly say that I am still very "guarded" about this whole pregnancy. When I start feeling anxious, one thing that always calms me when I am having doubts that Baby T is ok is to listen to the heartbeat with our doppler. It is such an amazing sound:

The heartbeat usually runs around 130-140's & the crackling sound is baby moving around - which he/she is doing all the time now :) It is such a cool feeling.

I am hoping that once we see that Baby T is growing normal & all looks good maybe I can start to relax & begin enjoying the rest of this pregnancy. I'm looking forward to start thinking about names, picking out nursery colors/bedding & registering for all the things we will be needing once Baby T gets here.

The last 20 weeks have gone by SO fast & I have a feeling that the next 20 weeks are going to fly by - especially with the holidays & my baby showers coming up :)


Amanda said...

So super excited to find out who's in there! I'm guessing a bouncing baby boy!!!

Michelle said...

omygoodness!!! So excited to find out what you're having!! Every post makes me soooo happy!!

Andrea Munding said...

So happy for you! I think it's a girl :)

Casey // this modern love. said...

I cannot believe you are already 20 weeks! I am so excited to hear if this is a boy or girl. You look beautiful in all your pictures and I am so excited for you.