Friday, April 2, 2010

CD2 appt

Had my CD2 appt this morning which involved having a baseline US done to make sure my ovaries didn't show any cysts as well as had my FSH & Estrogen levels drawn.

The FSH level is the one I was most interested in. This number lets them know what your "egg reserve" is. Considering my age & our infertility issues I was praying that this number was within normal limits. If it is higher than 15, you are S-O-L with ever having children of your own. Anthing less than 9 is a normal, healthy egg reserve.

The NP called me later that afternoon with these results:
FSH - 7.7
Estrogen - 54

Woo hoo - I still have some good, healthy eggs left in me! What a relief! I am now in the clear to start the "injectables plan"!

Finally, some good news!

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