Monday, April 12, 2010

Started Prometrium

So this morning I started the Prometrium per my RE's orders. It is supposed to help create a nice comfy, sticky, lining in my uterus so that a fertilized egg can implant & set up shop successfully for 9 months.

I got out of the shower, toweled off & then proceeded to insert one of those capsules up into "Ladyville". I was a little anxious about it since these capsules were big & I was worried I wouldn't get it up there far enough & it would fall out. Lucky for me, it turned out fine. No big deal.

Fast forward 2 hours later. I am in the middle of a procedure at work & I start to feel unpleasantly "damp". I go to the bathroom to investigate & I don't know if it was just an abundance of cervical mucous or if it was the melted progesterone capsule but whatever it was it was not pleasant to say the least. I am assuming it was the Prometrium.

So, for the next few hours I proceeded to feel damp & untidy down south & all I could think of was that I have to insert another capsule when I get home this evening as well as 2 capsules everyday for the next 14 days!?! Nice...

So, after work I made my way to Walmart to pick up a box of pantyliners & some feminine wipes to tidy my damp-self up with.

It never ceases to amaze me all the stuff us ladies have to go through to try & have a baby...

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