Thursday, June 24, 2010

CD2 update

Had my CD2 US & b/w today. During the US, the nurse found a huge cyst on my right ovary - about 26mm. I had been feeling some sharp pain on that side this past week so I figured that's what was going on. She said we need to see what my Estradiol is before we decide to cancel this months round of injections. If it is low we can proceed. If it is high then we need to take a month off & let the cyst shrink.

Later in the afternoon I got a phone call from the nurse & my Estradiol came back at 41 & FSH was 8.8. Both numbers are within normal limits so the RE said I was ok to proceed with injections starting tomorrow night. Hopefully the cyst will shrink in the next couple of weeks!? Will see what it is doing during my CD7 US on Tuesday.

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