Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How much??

On Friday I placed my monthly order of Follistim & Ovidrel & didn't realize that with Monday being the holiday that it was going to take until Wed to be delivered. I had enough Follistim to get me through Tuesday if I were to stay at 100iu's/daily but my RE increased my dose to 125 iu's daily which was only going to get me through Monday.

So on Saturday the RE called in a prescription to the only pharmacy in the KC area that carries Follistim. It is a privately owned pharmacy located inside one of the hospitals here in Overland Park, KS. I left work early today so I could get there in time before they closed.

When I got there, I gave them my name, told them what I was there for & the pharmacy tech went to look for my prescription. Turns out that they were OUT of Follistim. I almost flipped the F out. My RE told me that they are supposed to ALWAYS have Follisitim because they are the ONLY pharmacy in Kansas City that carries it & they are telling me they don't have any. WTF? This prescription was sent to them on Saturday & they didn't even bother to call me to tell me they were out?! It is Tuesday for F sake!

So after I said a few choice words to the pharmacist, he goes back to the frig, pulls out somebody elses prescription of Follistim, slaps my informaion sticker on it and proceeds to ring me up. I was somewhat bothered that I was getting some poor girls prescription but was secretly glad they were able to accomodate me.

Then the pharmacist says:
P: that will be $399!
H: Um - how much? No, that can't be right! It is $285 through Walgreens Specialty pharmacy - there must be some mistake!?
P: No ma'am - that is correct. We are not a specialty pharmacy so we don't offer a discounted price.

I sat there speechless & stunned. I had to have the medication so I had no choice but to pay for it. He swiped my debit card & it comes up declined! Seriously? WTF! I have plenty of money in my checking account so I don't know why it came up declined. He swiped it again & ran it as credit & it processed. By this point I was pissed & I wasn't sure exactly why or who I was pissed at?!? Maybe it was the pharmacy that didn't have my meds in the first place? Maybe it was the fact that I am having to go though all this infertility BS every month? Maybe I was mad at the insurance company for not covering a single dime of ANY of my fertility medications I have to take every frickin' day!? Who knows...I was just glad to have my meds & be on my way.

I ended up stopping at Gambinos's, our local pizza joint here in Spring Hill to pick up dinner because at this point I was mad I had to spend $399 for one little vial of medication & wasn't in the mood to cook. I go to swipe my debit card to pay for the pizza & again my card came up declined. The gal tried to run my card & it came back declined...again! I was so F'n mad & embarrassed. Gotta love living in a small town because they let me write a check w/no problems.

Got back in my car & was on the phone to US Bank to figure out what the hell was going on with my debit card. After waiting for 10 minutes, I finally get someone to assist me. Turns out that my purchase at Perry Drug was "suspicious" & they had suspended my debit card from any other purchases until I contacted them to discuss it. Nice of them to be "looking out" for my account but irritated they froze my card. After going through all my transactions for the last 2 days, they cleared my card for use again.

What a crazy day...here's hoping to a less chaotic tomorrow! I'm starting my morning off at the RE's office & a date with the dildo cam so anything is bound to happen!

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