Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CD7 update

Another morning of coffee, a granola bar & an intimate moment with the dildo cam. Can't say I am going to miss these kinds of mornings....

It is CD 7 & I have been doing injections for 4 days now. During my US the nurse found 4 good-sized follies growing. Two 10mm's on the left & two 10mm's on the right. My cyst has shrunk down to 9mm so that is a good sign. I go back Friday morning for a follicle re-check & will probably be doing the IUI either Sun or Mon if everything looks good.

My appt was at 7:30am so I ended up being 30 min late to work. I had called the lab supervisor at the East location (I work at 3 different hospital locations) around 6am & left a message on voicemail informing him I was going to be a bit late so I didn't think of it as a big deal. Lucky for me my boss at the main hospital knows of all my fertility appts & has excused me from all late arrivals while we go through this process. Since we don't start procedures at work until well past 8:30am I didn't think my being late was going to disrupt anything.

I get there promptly at 8:24am, changed into my scrubs & they were just putting the patient on the procedure table when I walked into the lab. I went about my day as I normally do & around 3:30pm the lab supervisor asks to talk to me in private right before he is about to leave. Not sure what this was about but I followed him into the break room & sat down. He stayed standing & proceeds to tell me (while he is pointing his finger at me) that it was unacceptable to call in like that & tell him I was going to be late for ANY reason whatsoever - even traffic & we start at 8:30am & how he expects us to be there at 8am & how my actions were inexcusable. He told me to consider this a "verbal warning" & my unexcused tardiness will go into my file & my boss will be talked to about my late arrival.


I could not believe what I was hearing. In my 11 years of working for that hospital I have never had anyone belittle me or talk to me in that way before. I can count on one hand all the times I have punched in late & if you ask anyone that I work with they would vouch that I am an exceptional employee. What pisses me off the most is that this guy isn't even my boss. I have worked at the hospital far longer than he has. He just happens to be the "lab supervisor" there so I'm not sure who died & made him in charge!

At that moment I had a hormonal breakdown & started to cry. These damn hormone injections make me an emotional mess - can't even watch a Folger's commercial without tearing up :( This "scolding" had sent me over the edge.

So I wiped the tears & proceeded to tell him that why I was late was none of his business but if he needed to know it was because I was undergoing fertility treatments & it was very important that I get to these appts & that is why I make them for first thing in the morning. I also told him that my boss is very well aware of my treatments & has excused me of any & all "late arrivals" due to these appts so to go ahead & tell him of my "unexcused tardy" because guess what? He already knew about it :) Once he got wind of all that he backed off, felt like an ass for being such an ass & apologized for "being so harsh" - as he should!

As if it's not bad enough already dealing with injections, raging hormones & morning dates with the dildo cam but I have to deal with an asshole at work too!

Ugh - Calgon...take me away!

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