Sunday, July 25, 2010

IVF schedule

At my IVF consult I was handed a list of "things to do" for this IVF process & the nurse suggested I make a calendar to help remember all the appointments. Being the OCD person I am, I was already 1 step ahead of her & had my blank calendar with me at the appointment :)

She also suggested I not share this process with too many "acquaintances" - like casual friends, co-workers, etc just so that I don't get bombarded with constant questions which can add stress to the whole process.

The only people I am telling are my supervisor at work - since he is the one clearing me for all my appointments, my sister - because I tell her everything, my BFF Jill - as I was her confidant when she was going through this same process, & my neighbor Julie (who doesn't know it yet, but is going to help me with my progesterone shots since they are IM). She is a labor/delivery nurse & has offered to be my "doula" if I end up delivering also. I wonder if she would want to be my postpartum doula afterwards?! :) And of course those of you who read my blog which is only limited to my sister, Jill, Julie, my girlfriend Desiree & Jen (who are both going through IF issues) & those of you on

So, here is my "calendar of events" for the month of July & August so that you all are "in the know" :)
7/23 - Fri: CD 2 US, bloodwork (Estradiol, HIV, Hep B & C, RPR serology)

7/26 - Mon: Hubby gets bloodwork drawn for same as above (minus the Estradiol)

7/26 - Mon: start birth control pills & 81 mg baby ASA daily

8/4 - Wed: 8:15am appt for saline hysterosonogram w/trial embryo transfer & drop off for semen analysis to test for ICSI - 1:00 pm - couples' appt to go over & sign consents/class to educate on giving injections

8/7 - Sat: start Lupron injections - 10 units every evening

8/10 - Tue: last day of BCP - continue daily baby aspirin 81 mg

8/13 - Fri: 730am baseline US & bloodwork

8/15 - Sun: Start Bravelle injections & decrease Lupron to 3 units daily, continue baby aspirin

8/16 - Mon: Happy Birthday to me :)

8/19 - Thur: 730am US & bloodwork - start Menopur injections

8/22 - Sun: 8am US & bloodwork

8/24 - Tues: 730am US & bloodwork

*depending on what this last appt shows, I will be triggering at anytime with the Ovidrel injection & the egg retrieval will be 36 hours after the Ovidrel is given. I will take a dose of Azithromycin with the Ovidrel. They will then do the embryo transfer 5 days later & then I will be on Progesterone for 14 days. After the long 2 week wait, they will do a blood draw to determine if I am pregnant or not.

Can you see now why I needed an IVF calendar?!? :)

Incase you are wondering, here is an explanation of all the meds & why I have to take them:

birth control pills - suppress ovaries prior to stimulation

baby aspirin - believed to help with implantation

Lupron injection - suppress the pituitary & prevent premature release of the eggs

Follistim injection - stimulates the ovary to grow follicles which contain an egg

Menopur injection - helps stimulate ovaries along with the Follistim

Ovidrel injection - triggers the follicles mature & release the egg

Azithromycin - reduces the risk of infection from the egg retrieval

Progesterone - helps prepare the uterus for implantation

That is all the info I got thus far. It is a bit overwhelming & I hope I can keep up with all the medications!? Wish us luck as we start this crazy journey & say a prayer for us that the end result is positive :)

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Drew said...

I'm so sorry the IUI didn't work but I am very hopeful and prayerful for you that the IVF will work.

Plus, I'm super glad you put your birthday on here! I want your address so I can send a present!

Praying for you girl! Crossing my fingers and toes!

Drew said...

Oh, just realized that it's using Drew's google account to leave comments. Don't worry, it's just me Desiree! :-)