Friday, July 2, 2010


Looks like I have over-stimulated myself :(

Had my CD10 US & b/w today & I have 9 follicles all measuring 12-13mm. The NP said "we need to be extremely careful with you this cycle" so I am a little concerned. All 9 follicles could reach "mature" levels by ovulation & if I were to trigger with all those follicles I could end up being the next Octomom!

So the RE told me to decrease my Follistim from 125iu to 100iu & come back Sunday morning for another US to see where I am at. May have to cancel the IUI if there are too many mature follicles which would pretty much suck since this is my last month of injections as well as all the $$$ I spent on injectables this round for nothing :(

So we will see what happens Sunday! Ugh - IF is so frustrating!

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