Sunday, June 26, 2011


So today I am 5 days post 6 day transfer.

So far, so good. There has been no spotting & no "feeling" like AF is around the corner. I have been having some mild cramping, my boobs are really sore & I am SO tired in the afternoons. I have taken a nap each day for the last 4 days & I am so not a "nap" person. Pretty sure that is due to all the estrogen & progesterone I am taking.

With the FET cycle, there seems to be ALOT more meds I have to take post transfer than with an IVF cycle. Here is what my daily dose of medication looks like:

- Vivelle - (estrogen) 4 patches every other day
- Estrace 2mg
- Progesterone vaginal suppository 100 mg
- PIO injection 50 mg/1ml
- Baby ASA 81mg
- Prenatal vitamins
- folic acid 400 mcg

- Estrace 2mg

- Progesterone vaginal suppository 100 mg
- Lovenox injection
- Estrace 2mg

I was worried I would forget to take something so I had to make a daily chart & now highlight the meds as I take them - yes I am a bit OCD :)

Not sure when I will POAS. I have a whole box of them under my sink just waiting to be peed on :) I will definitely be testing the morning of my beta just so I am prepared for the phone call later in the morning but I just may be tempted to POAS earlier!?


We will see...


Desiree said...

Right after I read 'so far so good' I'm pretty sure I stopped breathing. I'm praying so much for you!

And PS, that's a shit-ton of meds - this time BETTER work! :-)

Michelle said...

sounds good!!! I can not wait until your beta!!

suhair said...

cant wait for your beta!! i am liking what i am reading =)

LCSween said...

ahhh i can't wait!!!

Cori said...

Praying, HT. Love ya and big hugs!

Dandle Dreams said...

Fingers crossed for you. You deserve a BFP after everything that you have gone through. You are in my thoughts.

Casey // align my heart, my body, my mind said...

I cannot wait to hear the outcome of this! Fingers crossed and lots of prayers for you. Xoxo.

Anonymous said...

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