Tuesday, June 21, 2011

FET done

After 3 weeks of BCP, 2 weeks of Lupron injections, 2 weeks of Estrogen patches & 1 week of Progesterone injections, transfer day is finally here!

The morning started out crazy-busy. I took my sister & adorable nephews to the airport this morning & said goodbye after 4 days of much fun & lots of running around. Right after I dropped them off I got the call from the Embryologist letting
me know that the first 2 embryos they thawed had survived so those would be the ones we would be transferring today. So that means that we still have 2 frosties left :) I was SO happy to hear this news. Gives me one more ounce of hope that if for some reason this cycle doesn't work then we still have one more chance.

After stopping at the airport I then rushed off to my acupuncture appointment & had a super relaxing session. Definitely what I needed after such a busy weekend! Afterwards I headed on over to the IF clinic for the FET. I ended up meeting my husband in the lobby, popped my Valium & we headed into the clinic. Our transfer was scheduled for 11:30am but they were running behind so we sat there for almost an hour waiting. Needless to say the Valium
kicked in while sitting there & I was falling asleep on my husbands shoulder. At 12:30pm they finally called us back to do the transfer & I was WAY relaxed.

We were taken back to the transfer room & got to view our embryos on the monitor. Here are our
potential future babies:

They couldn't fit both embryos on the monitor so that is why there are two separate pics. I had asked the Embryologist about the grade/quality of the embies & I was a bit disappointed when she wouldn't give me a straight answer. It gave me the feeling that they weren't very good quality & she just didn't want to tell me. All she said was that they were good quality with some fragmentation & they quality was unchanged since before the freeze. So I have no idea how good they are but to me it looks like the one on the bottom looks better quality than the one on the top!? I know perfectly fine babies come from all kinds of "grade embryos" so I am going to not worry about it & just leave it in God's hands now.

The transfer itself was easy & went flawless. Dr. R said there was no trauma to the cervix when inserting the catheter & that the transfer went perfectly. I laid there for about 15 min after it was all said & done then headed home where I proceeded to take a 3 hour nap. Now I am just chillin' on the couch catching up on blogs & DVR shows. I am to stay on bed rest through Thursday morning when I am to return to work.

So now we wait 8 long days. Beta is Wed, June 29th so here is to a speedy week with lots of growing & sticky embie vibes sent along the way.


LCSween said...

Those blasts look wonderful to me! I think it always proves how strong that they are when they survive the thaw. I'm praying this is it!!!!

Desiree said...

Eight days is better than 14. Sending strong sticky thoughts your way!

Love you!!!

Michelle said...

I think they look absolutely perfect!! Praying hard that this is IT!!

Cori said...

I've been praying and thinking of you both. Take good care of yourself! Lots of love, C.