Wednesday, June 29, 2011

HCG results


Not the highest number in the world but anything >5 is considered positive so I guess as of today I am officially pregnant!

Next beta is Friday morning so will be saying lots of prayers for a doubling number!

Ugh - this is so stressful!


Anna said...

Hang in there! Mine was 45 and our clinic tells us anything over 40 is positive. So I was nervous too! Crossing fingers and toes for a big fat number!

LCSween said...

you ARE pregnant!!! congrats! can't wait til your next beta!

Cori said...

Holy crap. My heart just stopped. Praying your numbers keep doubling!! I am so excited for you!

Desiree said...

Girl please. I'm not even worried about those numbers - they're going to double, maybe even triple!

Besides, I called in the big guns for you. My girlfriend Kesha is majorly churched up - she knows Bible verses and everything! :-) I go to her when I need Big Prayers because she's got the special special and I asked her to pray for you so you are golden.

I mean, I'm going to pray for you too but I'm telling you, Kesha's got a direct line. She prayed for me one time and it was for REAL!

You are on the path and you WILL be on it until the very end, when your arms are filled up with baby goodness! This is it Heather. This is happening!

Michelle said...

you are PREGNANT!! Its going to quadruple like mine did and you're going to have a sweet LO in your arms in 9 months!!!

Nickie said...

Everything is crossed that can cross.
Prayers are being said.

the suspense may kill me!!!! :)

ps. get those naps while you can girl! :)

Anonymous said...

AWESOME # for only 7dpt! I am praying for you!! Waiting for your next update!!! :-)