Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ute check

This morning I went in for my bloodwork & endometrium uterine lining scan. Labs came back with Estradiol being a smidge low & Progesterone was within normal range. With the low Estradiol my RE wants me to start taking Estrace 2mg 3x's daily starting today to bump up the estrogen levels. More Estrogen = more hot flashes - fabulous :)

Next up - a date with the dildo cam. As I am sitting there half-naked :) I said a little prayer that we would find my lining to be nice & thick with no ovarian cysts. Just then the NP walked in. To my surprise it wasn't my usual NP but rather my very favorite NP from the other IF clinic I used to go to. I was SO happy & excited to see her & she instantly gave me a hug! She is the NP who did ALL of my scans during the 6 IUI attempts & my failed IVF cycle so she was VERY familiar with my history & it felt so comforting to have her there. I was shocked to find out she had quit over there & has been working at this clinic for over 4 weeks now. It was definitely a nice surprise & so nice to see a familiar face who knows all about my journey these past 2 years.

After much catching up, we eventually started the scan. I am happy to report that I have no cysts, my ovaries are nice & suppressed & she said "you have a nice, thick, juicy (lol) uterine lining showing a beautiful triple stripe & measuring a little over 11mm". I am so glad & relieved to hear all is progressing well in the uterus :)

So the plan is to stop Lupron on Thursday - YAY, start the Estrace today, continue with the Estrogen patches & on Thursday start the Progesterone IM injections & suppositories - BOO! And in-between all that I will start taking the Dexamethasone & a Z-pack.

At my last WTF appt, I talked in great detail with my RE about trying a blood-thinner after the ET & with my 2 m/c & failed cycles she thought it wouldn't be a bad idea & couldn't hurt to try. So we agreed to go ahead & do Heparin injections 2x's daily starting Thursday & will continue those indefinitely. FET is still scheduled for late morning next Tuesday!

We are exactly one week away...woo hoo!

*Update: I stopped into the pharmacy after work tonight to pick up my Estrace & Heparin & they informed me that they are out of stock of Heparin so they called my RE & ended up switching me to Lovenox. Only one injection a day - yay! She said as things progress, they may switch me back to Heparin since the half-life is so much shorter than Lovenox. So we will see...


LCSween said...

omg, SO exciting!!! That is a wonderful lining measurement! This is it...next Tuesday is the big day!!!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Hi, Heather! I came across your blog from another and wanted to say hello! Looks like we have a lot in common with our TTC past. I endured a m/c, followed by a chem pregnancy from an IVF cycle. I am doing a FET on Thursday!! We will be days apart. I wish you the best this cycle!

Michelle said...

I'm so so excited for this FET!! Everything sounds great!! Can't wait for you BFP!!