Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WTF appt

So the hubby & I sat down with the RE today & had a "WTF happened" meeting. Got alot of questions answered & we feel good about the next step.

We have decided to do a 2nd IVF cycle but are going to wait a couple of months just to mentally & physically heal as well as finish paying off the 1st IVF. Looks like we will start the 2nd IVF cycle when AF shows in December.

Our RE is going to change the protocol a bit also. He said he would like to use Ganirelix rather than Lupron because he thinks the Lupron suppressed me a bit too much - hence the slow response & low # of follicles. He said he would also be a bit more aggressive with the meds & would like to see 12-15 follicles for ER so we have some to freeze. The other change would be to do a 5-day transfer (rather than a 3-day) & still transfer 2-3 embies depending on how they look.

I feel much better with the plan after talking to our RE & I was pleased to hear of the adjustments he was going to be making to our cycle as well as being a bit more aggressive with the meds.

I am now looking forward to a couple of "injection-free" months, a "progesterone-free" environment down in Ladyville, random sex with my hubby that doesn't revolve around a calendar, enjoying the holidays & looking forward to the potential of what the new year may bring :)

It's nice to have a plan in place once again & that itty bitty ounce of hope back!

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Steph said...

So happy to hear that you are getting back on the saddle... Its a bumpy ride but we do what we have to do for our dreams! Best of luck!