Sunday, September 19, 2010


I am in bliss from IF vacation. No charting, no CM checks, no waiting rooms, no monitoring appointments, no needles, no progesterone suppositories, no living life by a calendar, & enjoying random acts of intimacy with my husband whenever we want.

It has been over one week into normalcy & it has been SO nice. It is amazing how fast the week flies by when you are not constantly looking at a calendar counting down the days. Which CD am I on? I have no clue because I haven't written it down, counted the days or even checked a calendar. Will I be ovulating soon? No clue - I have no idea what my cycle will be like after taking all these IF meds & honestly I'm not even going to think about it - no OPK tests, no POAS at the end of the cycle, no "TTC" thoughts. Nothing.

What I do know is I am already enjoying this "break" & I am sure come December I will be healed mentally & physically & we will be ready to face IVF round #2!
This "vacation" is definitely much needed & well deserved :)

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LCSween said...

I'm so happy you are relaxing and enjoying your much needed break. IF treatments in general are so draining, but IVF just really takes a lot out of a woman. I see nothing but great things happening for you in December! You will be so well prepared and you WILL get pregnant :)