Monday, October 24, 2011

Ugh - nausea

8 weeks 6 days & the nausea has definitely set in. Carbs (especially greasy ones) are my new best friend!

I have been feeling queasy on & off for the last couple of weeks but today I had my first battle with true morning sickness. I about lost my cookies in the shower & ended up getting out quickly. I headed straight for the bed (wet hair & all) where I proceeded to lay with the fan blowing on my naked self for about 5 minutes & then slowly got back up to get ready for work. I was still queasy when I got up so I had Shane run me up a package of saltines & by the time I had gotten to work I had eaten over half the row.

I ended up feeling sick ALL. DAY. LONG. & even though I wasn't hungry, I somehow managed to choke down a small salad for lunch.

After work I had my acupuncture appointment & afterwards I was still feeling nauseated & you know what sounded really good? McDonalds!!! So I rolled through the drive-thru & ordered 2 hamburgers & a large fry & let me tell you - I devoured that value meal like I hadn't eaten in days & it was SOOOO good. I only eat McD's when I am hungover or on a road trip & both don't happen that often but for some reason the greasy food was the only thing that settled my stomach & made me feel better. Seriously - best meal ever!

I'm not going to complain because I am SO grateful to have the symptoms I am having but I am hoping the next few weeks aren't a repeat of today. I can't live off of saltines & McDonald's for that long :)

Next up: 9 week US tomorrow - stay tuned!


Amanda said...

All of those pregnancy symptoms are an IF's best friend! I'm glad you posted; I was wondering how you were doing, and since I'm a born worrier I have to admit I was beginning to worry about you. =) I'm glad all is well!!!

Lauren said...

I used to secretly love feeling nauseas and I craved the exact same things! Bring on the greasiness!

Nickie said...

good luck tomorrow. Thinking of you.
ps. Keep crackers with you at all times, I carried them in my purse. I too was sick all day long. It will 7 months or so. ;-)

Desiree said...

I'm at once happy and sorry that your feeling the sickies! :-) But hey, all that matters is that you make it through the day so bring on the McDonalds! I ate a Whopper every single day for about three weeks because that was the only thing that sounded good! :-)

Can't wait to hear about the US!!

Michelle said...

McDonalds french fries always did the trick for me as well! ENJOY!! Nausea is a sign of a healthy pregnancy right??! :)