Thursday, August 19, 2010

Appt #1

Had my 1st monitoring appt this morning since I have been on the Bravelle. It was a bit disappointing as the US showed only a couple decent sized follicles & a bunch of little ones. My Estradiol was low at 59 also. So my RE asked me to increase my dose of Bravelle from 225 units to 300 units each night & then tomorrow night I start adding the Menopur injection in with the Bravelle to help the follicles grow. Unfortunately, I'm not going to have enough Bravelle to get me through to next week so I need to place another order to the pharmacy :(

My next monitoring appt is Sunday morning. Crossing my fingers that increasing my meds will help those follies grow!!!

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Dandle Dreams said...

Hi, I was searching for women who were also cycling in August, and I came across your blog. I hope that your Sunday appointment shows that your follicles are blossoming. Good luck.