Friday, August 13, 2010

Baseline appt

My first baseline appt was today. Uterine lining & ovaries all looked good & I got the go ahead from the RE to start my stimulation meds on Sunday evening. I will be doing 2 injections every night (Lupron & Bravelle) & will continue to take the baby aspirin.

I finished the BCP on Tuesday & have been on Lupron injections for 7 days now. Can I just say I HATE Lupron. It makes me feel insanely crazy. I have a constant dull, nagging headache that won't go away - even with Excedrin. I can go from sweet, innocent Heather to crazy, psycho bitch in a matter of 60 seconds - thank you co-workers for putting up with my mood this week. It hasn't been pretty. I feel like I am in a fog & have lost track of where I am going or headed to several times this week. And my emotions are a constant rollercoaster. Any TV show, commercial or situation that is even somewhat touching & I will bust out into tears.

With any luck I will only have 11 more days on Lupron.

Trust me....I am counting down the days!

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