Sunday, August 15, 2010

Starting Stims

Tonight I start the stimulation meds - also known as "stims" - which is a generic term for "medication administered prior to egg retrieval that is intended to help a woman produce eggs."

I'm a little nervous because these Bravelle shots are a little more involved. I have to mix three different vials of powder with a saline solution using what's called a Q-cap & then I have to give myself not just ONE injection of Bravelle but I have to do an injection of Lupron also.
My poor is already all bruised up from the Lupron shots. Then later in the week I'm going to have to add a 3rd injection of Menopur. I will be glad when Aug 24th gets here...that is my potential "trigger" date & all these injections will be over with.

At least now I am able to decrease my Lupron dose. These constant headaches are really starting to get to me. Hopefully they won't be as bad on the lower dose of Lupron!?

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Desiree said...

I'm so with you on the bruised belly! Now that the heparin is in my system I'm getting all kinds of lovely bruises all over my belly. Good times.....