Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fertility Report #1

Out of the 7 eggs retrieved, 5 were mature & 4 were fertilized by ICSI (as shown below): So incase you are wondering, this is what the embryos should be looking like this morning: Male & female genetic material (DNA) are contained in the 2 pronuclei seen in the center of the photo. Pretty amazing stuff isn't it?!?

Oh - & another pleasant note...
I started the vaginal progesterone suppositories last night. I am taking Endometrin rather than the Prometrium & I get to enjoy these lovely little tablets 3 x's a day!!! I thought since these were "pill-like" rather than "gel-like" that they would be better but I was sadly mistaken.

Instead of my "hoo-hoo" feeling constantly gooey it now feels constantly "wet" & like water is running out of me everytime I stand up. Pleasant visual isn't it?! Sorry if that is TMI! And to think I am going to have to take these all throughout my 1st trimester :(

BUT I am not going to complain because if the end result is a baby then I would shove these little bad boys up my "hoo-hoo" everday for the rest of my life!!

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