Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Embryo #4

Got the call today from the Embryologist & I am saddened to say that our 4th little embie arrested overnight so that means no embies to freeze :( On day 3 it was a grade B & just stopped cleaving for whatever reason so of course I can't help but wonder if the 3 embies they transferred will do the same!? I am going to make myself crazy with worry that this might not happen for us.

This waiting is the worst & to think I have 8 more days of it! I am heading to South Dakota for the holiday weekend to spend some time with my family so it will be a nice & much-needed distraction! My sister is the only one out of my family that knows we did IVF so it will be comforting having her there to talk to.

So, with that said, I hope everyone has a wonderful & safe Labor Day weekend!


Desiree said...

If you need to voice this to face your fear so that you can then get past that fear, then ok. But if you're just 'what-iffing' to torture yourself, stop. No self-torture.

I don't allow people to torture my friends. :-)

Praying hard for you!

Dandle Dreams said...

Sorry to hear that your little one didn't make it to freeze. However, the top 3 are in your womb getting everything they need to grow. Enjoy your weekend and some heart-to-hearts with your sister.