Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Appt #3

Woo hoo - today was my final monitoring appt on stims! NO MORE SHOTS after tonight :) I am SO excited to get rid of this bloated feeling & all the bruising on my belly!

Today's results:
Estradiol = 886
Uterine lining - 8.8mm
7 follicles measuring 15mm-22mm
Several smaller follicles found that may catch up.

Was given the go ahead to stop the Lupron & trigger tonight with the Ovidrel injection. Egg retrieval is scheduled for 9am Friday morning.

Here we go...


Dandle Dreams said...

Looks great - your lining looks perfect. Fingers crossed for lots of eggs tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you.

Desiree said...

Those look like wonderful numbers!! I remember when I was talking to Cori about all my nonsense and she told me when she did IVF they only got 4 viable eggs, only 2 fertilized but she got Aidan!! For real honey, all you need is one! You can do this!!

I'm totally tearing up and getting a lump in my throat - I'm so scared and excited for you and I'm praying so much for you!!

Desiree said...

Oh and PS - I'm sooooo happy you don't have to do shots anymore!! Lucky bug!