Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lucky Socks

There are a lot of websites I check everyday & is one of them. It is a wonderful site full of valuable info & the infertility forum on there has lots of lovely ladies on it who are struggling with infertility themselves.

One of those lovely ladies headed up a "lucky socks" gift exchange which I participated in. A name was selected for us & for that person we were to buy a pair (or two) of "lucky socks" for them to wear to there IUI, egg retrieval &/or embryo transfer. I had a lot of fun picking socks out for my chosen person. She lives in Brooklyn, NY & it just so happens that we are on the same IVF cycle & she is having her egg retrieval tomorrow morning also! So ironic...

I was SO very excited to come home from work today to see my package had been delivered. This is what I found inside:

I got several super cute pairs of pink "lucky" socks, some homemade choc-chip cookies, penguin stickers, some chocolate & an adorable penguin & bulldog card. I LOVE it all - so very thoughtful!

Now I just have to figure out which pair of socks to wear to my ER tomorrow :)


Dandle Dreams said...

What a throughtful gift. I vote for the pink socks with the flowers and the ruffles. Oh, and those cookies look delicious. Fingers crossed.

Desiree said...

So, I'm reading these out of order and just got to this one. And I know you can't tell, but it's been five minutes since I read it because I had to go the bathroom and cry my stupid eyes out.

It's 20 till 11 and I'm praying so much for you and I'm so hopeful and I'm sending you the biggest hug ever and now I have to go back to the bathroom because I'm crying again.

I can't wait for you to cry your eyes out over a blog post!!! I want this so much for you I can't stand it.