Friday, March 18, 2011

1st follie scan - check

I have been on stims for 5 nights now & honestly I haven't felt any symptoms other than the awful bloat & the lovely bruising on my tummy. But this morning when I woke up my ovaries were making themselves known & I felt the "heaviness" feeling in my abdomen as I crawled out of bed. Finally I feel like I am "making some eggs" in there.

Today I had my 1st follie scan & I was extremely nervous going into my appointment. I was worried the pain in my abdomen might be a cyst(s) rather than plump, full ovaries & I was preparing myself to hear the words "we are going to have to cancel your cycle".

So imagine my surprise when I was getting my scan & the NP kept clicking & measuring & clicking some more & on my right ovary alone she measured 13 follies! Then she went to my left ovary & I was even more shocked when she discovered 8 more follies! That is a grand total of 21 follicles all measuring between 9-13mm. I can't tell you how relieved I was to hear that - no wonder I am starting to "feel" things down there! My uterine lining measured 7mm, my Estradiol came back at 654 & the NP said that was all really good & she is very pleased with everything thus far.

The plan is to keep all the med doses the same through Saturday night, then for Sunday night decrease Menopur & Gonal F to 150 iu & on Monday morning have one more follie scan & check labs. If that all looks ok then I will trigger Monday night with ER on Wed.

Finally we are making some progress...


LCSween said...

happiness :)

you keep on cooking those eggs, chicken!

Michelle said...

woo hoo!! awesome news sweetie!!

Stephanie said...

Awesome news! So very excited for all the growth!

Cori said...

21 is an amazing number! These guys must know what they are doing with those drugs. Good grief, I bet you do feel "full". :) I can't believe ER could be as early as Wed! Prayed for you guys today while I was driving. Thanks for keeping us all informed.