Sunday, March 13, 2011

Start Stims - check

Time to start making eggs.

I received my stimulation meds for the first week in the mail on Friday. The NP ordered them from 3 different pharmacies to get the best price on it all which was kind of a pain but worth saving some money! Luckily, everything arrived ok & on time.

So tonight I start stims & will be adding 3 more injections into the mix:

- 10 units low dose HCG

- 225 units Menopur

- 225 units Gonal F

Depending on my follicle scan/bloodwork this Friday, I will more than likely be placing a 2nd order for meds. Hoping it's not as expensive as this first round was!?

Let the "shooting up" begin...


Michelle said...

woo hoo!! lets get this thing started!!

LCSween said...

all those meds are brining you your BFP this cycle!!

suhair said...

love seeing meds!!! come on cycle!

brandiwine75 said...

Hey Heather... I met you at Des's babyshower and am friend with Des & Cori... I just started following your journey. I wish you nothing but the BEST of luck and keeping my fingers crossed that you get that BFP!!!!

Desiree said...

Reading this reminded me that I had to do my shot! :-) I always keep a spare one in my purse and your post reminded me that I hadn't done mine yet.

I swear Heather, if my body didn't suck I would totally carry a baby for you. Serious.