Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 3 post ER

Wow - what a difference a day makes. I am almost feeling back to my ol' self again. I might just venture out of the house today & run a couple of errands!? A change of scenery might do me some good seeing how I haven't left the house since Wed?! I am still having some tenderness in my abdomen but the heating pad has been helping a great deal. Hoping I will be feeling good tomorrow because I have lots to do around the house before I am on 2 days of strict bed rest following the ET which is scheduled for 8am Monday.

The embryologist called again this morning with an update. We have one slow growing embie that probably isn't going to make it but she said the other 10 are all at the 10-cell stage which should be looking like this:Amazing that this little cluster of cells can grow & develop into a baby. Just blows my mind!

The first shot of PIO went well - thanks to my neighbor Julie. Don't know that Shane will want to do them anytime soon but between you & me, I am ok with that :) Lucky for me I work in the medical field & am surrounded by nurses - both at work & in the neighborhood. There are 3 nurses in our cul-de-sac alone so I think Shane is off the hook.

I restarted all my meds yesterday: prenatals, baby aspirin & folic acid as well as added a couple of new meds into the mix. The 1st one is Medrol which is supposed to help with pre-embryo implantation. I am supposed to take it at night for a total of 4 nights which makes no sense because it is a steroid & causes insomnia but that is what the directions say so I follow. It says it also causes increased hair growth so maybe I will start replacing all the hair I lost on the DHEA supplements? As long as it is on my head & not elsewhere :)

The 2nd one is Dostinex which is supposed to help prevent OHSS. I am to take it for 7 days & cross my fingers that symptoms of OHSS do not appear. I've been drinking my Gatorade & eating lots of protein & so far so good.

I will be SO glad when I am off all these meds & all I have to take are prenatal vitamins!


LCSween said...

woohoo! That is such a great report! I can't wait to hear about Monday. How many are you planning to transfer?

And about the Medrol - I took that, but always in the morning. So, I'm sure why you have to take at night.

I have a great feeling about all this :)

Desiree said...

I'm so excited for you! Monday can't come fast enough!!