Friday, March 11, 2011

Start Lupron - check

Today I start Lupron injections.

Not just one injection of Lupron but TWO injections per day - 12 hours apart. Have I told you how much I despise this drug? It is the devil & I am NOT looking forward to experiencing the side effects like last time. Oh & another plus? I will be taking Lupron along with all my stimulation meds. Last time they were done seperate from each other. Not only will I be doing 4 injections to my tummy everyday & feeling awful from the bloat & swollen ovaries but from what I remember last time on Lupron I will be also be battling a horrendous headache daily, experiencing hot flashes at any time of the day, night sweats, dizziness & be irritable as hell. Nice. I can hardly wait.

*Mental note: aplogize to the hubby & co-workers ahead of time.

For those of you who are interested, there are 3 different types of Lupron protocols for IVF:

1) The Classic Lupron Protocol
2) The Antagonist Protocol
3) The Microdose Flare Protocol

#3 is the protocol I am doing:


The microdose Lupron flare protocol is one of
the most potent IVF protocols available. It has helped many women with poor ovarian reserves to conceive, and in our opinion, is the last resort before donor egg IVF. The protocol takes advantage of a special property of Lupron. When used in tiny amounts, Lupron stimulates the release of natural FSH from the pituitary for several days before exerting its suppressive effect. During this 'flare' period, the ovaries are stimulated by natural FSH. The subsequent addition of high doses of FSH from medications gives the ovaries maximum stimulation.

Lupron, oh how I loathe you...but I sure hope you do your job!

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LCSween said...

I loathe Lupron too, but I do hope it is the all-star drug for you!