Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ER today

Finally the day has arrived - time to retrieve the eggs! The pain in my abdomen was beginning to get really uncomfortable to walk so I was SO ready to get it over with. Lucky for Shane, we got to produce our sample at home & after we checked "the swimmers" into the lab we were taken to "same-day surgery" to get checked in there. There were 5 ER's on the board for the morning & we were #3 & Dr. B was running ahead of schedule so we didn't have to wait too long.

I was wheeled back into the OR around 9:30am & all went well with the ER. They ended up getting 17 eggs & we will know tomorrow how many were mature & were fertilized. When I got back into recovery I ended up getting really sick from the pain meds. IMO I think the nurse over-medicated me for my pain (she gave me 250mcg of Fentanyl total - normal dose is 25-50 mcg for an adult) & I ended up having to stay a little longer in recovery than expected. My tummy was already sore/cramping & so throwing up on top of it didn't feel too good :(

The ride home was a blur & once I crawled into bed I ended up getting sick again. I tried taking the oral pain meds with food two different times but wasn't able to keep it down so I have been real uncomfortable all day. I have been in bed all day sleeping on/off & am hoping I can eat something that will stay down so I can start to feel better :(

Will update tomorrow when I get the call from the embryologist...

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