Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Suppression check

So I went for my much anticipated suppression check this morning & all the way to my RE's office I couldn't help but worry what the US would show. I was praying to God all the way there asking that they a) don't find any cysts and b) let there please be some follicles in my ovaries. Cysts will get an IVF cycle cancelled as well as low numbers of follicles! I did the estrogen priming protocol for 8 weeks in hopes that I would produce a higher antral follicle count at this exact appointment & guess what? God answered & my prayers worked :)

Antral follicle count today was 8 on the Rt ovary & 9 on the Lt ovary for a grand total of 17 follicles! I was so excited! It is a great number to start with & for my age, the NP was extremely happy with that. That means there are potentially 17 follicles with eggs in them & with that many I should respond nicely to the stimulation meds. The NP also said not to be surprised if a few more pop up over the next week!

So after my US, I met with the hubby in the consult room to go over & sign all our consents. Next we went over our IVF calendar, all the meds, when & how to take them. After all that was done, Shane made his way over to the lab to do his SA & I made my way to the checkout desk to drain our savings for IVF #2. Ugh - I just can't believe how much money all this costs & for no guarantees. Being OOP sucks. Sickening, really.

SO without further ado, here is our IVF timeline:
3/11 - start micro-dose Lupron
3/13 - start stimulation meds
3/15 - lab draw (Estradiol check)
3/18 - 1st follie scan/lab draw
3/21 - 2nd follie scan/lab draw
3/23-25 - estimated ER
3/28-30 - estimated ET

So here we go! Let the fun begin....


LCSween said...

This is it, sweetie! I'm so excited for you!

Michelle said...

Agreed with Lauren-THIS IS IT!!! So excited and will be praying hard!

Jennifer said...

Great News!

Cori said...

Literally brought tears to my eyes. Good news! Praying for you everyday.

Desiree said...

Yay for lots of follicles!! Oh Heather, this just has to be it! I want this for you so freakin bad!! I hung up the monkey-butt outfit last night and smiled when I thought of you!