Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fertility Report #1

Got the call early this morning from the Embryologist & here are the stats:
-17 eggs retrieved
-14 eggs were mature & all ICSI'd
-11 fertilized

Overall I am really happy with the report thus far. I am praying that all 11 embies continue to grow/develop & that they all make it to day 5 & 6 so we can have some frosties!

I was finally able to keep some toast down last night so I took a pain pill & was able to sleep through the night. Awoke this morning & was still in some pain but it is FAR more tolerable than it was yesterday. At least the nausea has subsided! Am supposed to go back to work tomorrow but not sure if I am going to feel up to it!? Will see how I feel tonight.

I will give another report tomorrow when I hear back from the clinic...


Cori said...

Good numbers!! Yea!!!! Now I will be praying that they ALL make it to Day 5. Keep me posted. :)

LCSween said...


Desiree said...

Girl, stay your ass at home! You deserve it!

11 fertilized! Dude, what if you get TWINS!! I'm so excited for you and I'm praying so much for you - got my bracelet on today and I'm thinking of you!! :-)


brandiwine75 said...

Agree with Des... rest! You deserve it. Great numbers. Fingers crossed that all the embry's make it. Thinking of you!